Meet the faculty of the school of experience

Asphalt U

Our knowledge comes from experience and we pass that knowledge on to you.

When it comes to successful, long-wearing pavement, the real key is hiring someone with knowledge and experience. At Hall Paving, we know more about paving because our staff has learned the lessons that only experience teaches and we’ve been at it for much longer than most other people. The members of our management team average 15 years in the business. Nobody knows more and an important part of our job is to share our knowledge with you, our customer.

We’re the faculty of Asphalt U.

Let the classroom come to you because there’s more to paving than meets the eye.

School is in session when we make our first visit to you. We’ll walk your property, taking note of its general appearance and any trouble spots we identify. We’ll make an assessment of the condition of your lot. We’ll let you know if it’s a matter of spot repairs, whether you’re a candidate for sealing to extend your lot’s life for awhile, or if it’s time for a complete resurfacing. We discuss your options and arm you with facts to help you make the decision that makes the most sense for

you at this time. We’ll provide you with a detailed estimate along with our recommendations as to what we feel are the highest priority items.


We’ll also set you up with our FREE Report Card. It’s an ongoing condition report, along with preventive maintenance recommendations. We’ll assess your lot at 1, 3, and 5 year intervals and provide you with a report to help extend its life.


We want you to be a proud alumnus

of Asphalt U.

We want to be your paving company for life. Our primary goal is to educate you about your lot and serve you to the best of our knowledge and ability. You’ll see it in the attitude of every one of our proud employees. And we want to serve you in the future with the same attitude of doing what’s in your best interests.

Our wish is that you’ll graduate from Asphalt U. with high honors and continue to be a proud alumnus.

One of our continuing education classes where we keep our employees up to speed on the latest technology and safety issues


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