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3 things that will affect your paving project costs

Just as no two businesses are exactly the same, no two parking lots are the same either. At Hall Paving we know how important it is for you to know how much a parking lot repair or replacement is going to cost. “How much is it going to cost?”, is almost always the first question we are asked.

This question is one of the key reasons Hall Paving goes the extra mile up front with your paving project. Hall provides a FREE inspection that comes with a full report of our findings and solutions to the problems we discover. Oh, and of course, a FREE estimate for the work to be done.

As you might imagine, there are many variables that can affect the cost of paving or repairing your parking lot. Let’s review a few below:

1. SOIL The type of soil onto which the stone and pavement will be placed can affect the quote in a few different ways. Certain types of soil will require more compaction than others. Compaction removes excess air from the soil and makes a more dense, stable base for the stone and asphalt. Also, certain types of soil may require the asphalt to be thicker.

Depending on the strength of the soil it may also need to be stabilized. Soil stabilization is the process in which the underlying soil's chemical and physical properties are altered to enhance its strength which will result in a level, long-lasting paved surface.

2. USAGE How often do you have heavy trucks, like trash or delivery trucks, driving in the area you’re having paved? If never, your asphalt may only need to be a few inches thick. However, if trucks ever drive on the area, even infrequently, the paving needs to be thicker to withstand the extra pressure. In general, the thicker the asphalt, the more it can withstand and the longer it lasts.

3. SIZE How big is your project? How much prep work will be required? Is it a straightforward project or something more complicated (e.g., with obstacles)? Before a job starts, an experienced Hall estimator will go out to your property for an evaluation. Typically, an estimator will look for the following things:

  • Existing problem areas

  • Any overhead obstructions or traversing of existing pavement

  • How much traffic and weight the pavement will be expected to handle regularly

  • Electrical or private lines

  • Obstructions that will need to be removed

  • Traffic patterns

All of these things, along with the repair methods being implemented, have an impact on the cost of your paving project. There are other factors that can also affect the cost of your paving project including asphalt type, curbing, drainage, line painting and others. Hopefully this information gives you some variables to consider when thinking about the cost of your project.

Contact us today to get your FREE inspection and estimate for the best outcome of your parking lot project.

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