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A Proper Property Manager’s Plan for Pavement – The 4 P’s of Pavement Planning

Property managers have many responsibilities and it can be difficult to stay on top of them all. When it comes to your property’s paved surfaces the best way to ensure proper maintenance is to form a plan and to stick with it. The experts at Hall Paving give you the four “P’s” of Pavement Planning.

PREDICT the maintenance that will be needed to protect your pavement over the course of a year Predicting the future is not easy, but Hall Paving can help by working with you to walk your property and inspect the current and expected future condition of your paved surfaces. We’ll give you a full report that outlines current and upcoming maintenance needs along with any associated costs.

PROTECT by stopping problems before they worsen One of the biggest mistakes in pavement maintenance is letting problems go for too long. Preventative maintenance safeguards your pavement from future damage. Hall Paving will identify cracks that can become potholes, or can even damage the structural integrity of your pavement. Crack sealing and seal coating can go a long way to preserve your pavement for a much longer period of time.

PROBLEM SOLVING that reduces liability Uneven surfaces can be dangerous safety hazards. Hall Paving will help your company reduce the chance for accidents and injuries these surfaces can cause. Preventative maintenance can identify these areas before they become problems. Regular inspections ensure that uneven surfaces and potholes are avoided before they pose a danger to drivers or pedestrians. We address these issues quickly in order to avoid the headaches of long traffic interruptions.

POSTPONE expensive repairs and downtime associated with reactive pavement repair One of the best things about working with Hall to develop and implement a preventative maintenance plan is that it emphasizes preventative treatments that are budget-friendly alternatives to reactive pavement repair. It postpones the need for costly and time-intensive structural repairs and minimizes surprises, enabling you to plan and budget for the future.

Remember the four P’s for your paved surfaces and contact Hall Paving today to take the first step toward a preventative maintenance plan that will save time and money far into the future.

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