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Be sure pavement design guidelines drive your parking project.

When it comes to your pavement project, there’s more than meets the eye. It may seem like asphalt pavement is just laid-down and rolled out without much thought or preparation, but at Hall Paving, that isn’t the case. Hall does the job right with the result being a long-lasting paved surface that will be functional and look great for years to come.

It starts with a FREE and thorough assessment of your project. We do a full evaluation and provide you with cost assessments before you commit to anything.

  • During the assessment we will evaluate factors that must be considered and will weigh them against our design guidelines that determine exactly how we’ll do the job, what materials we’ll use and environmental effects of the work. Factors we consider include:

  • traffic volume

  • soil characteristics

  • weather

  • construction considerations - to ensure there is as little disruption of your business

  • operation as possible

  • end-of-life considerations

  • and of course cost comparisons

All of these factors and considerations add up to the best value, highest quality and longest lasting pavement possible. Contact Hall Paving today to get your FREE pavement assessment and let our experts drive your parking project.

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