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Cold weather patching can get you through to spring

Maybe you had some cracks or even just a little breaking, (known as alligator cracking), that started to happen in your asphalt parking lot last summer and fall. Maybe you thought you’d stick it out through the winter hoping that things would hold together until spring, and the problem spots could be cared for then. And maybe, just maybe, that didn’t work out. Now what do you do?

The coldest months of the year have wreaked havoc on your parking lot and you’re left with full-blown potholes causing damage and making your property look awful.

Don’t worry. This is a pretty common situation, and Hall Paving is here to help. The first step is contacting us to take a look. We’ll send one of Hall Paving’s experts, free of charge, to walk your parking lot and evaluate any problem spots as well as places where future problems may arise. We’ll provide you with a full report containing solutions to the issues that may be identified along with a free estimate for any work that may be needed.

It’s still winter time, but Hall Paving has cold weather solutions to your pothole problems too. Part of our plan will be to get you through any major problems your lot may be experiencing immediately, along with a long-term plan for permanent fixes and ongoing maintenance. Contact Hall Paving today.

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