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Is your parking lot going down the drain?

Let’s talk about the importance of managing drainage on your parking lot.

Water can be a real problem for parking lots, especially in large amounts. If water has nowhere to go, it will collect in unwanted areas and become a danger for the public and your asphalt. The experts at Hall Paving understand the importance of taking the necessary steps and precautions when developing a drainage system that works to meet your lot’s specific needs.

Catch basin repair

Catch basins are grated coverings near parking lots and roadways designed as a collection point for water runoff. They help to prevent water damage around parking lots and roadways. Catch basins are important to keep water from collecting on your pavement, which can cause premature asphalt failure.

Curb and gutter repair

Before water can effectively drain into a catch basin, it is important to have an effective drainage system to guide the water. If your parking lot lacks proper curbs and gutters, water can collect in unwanted areas. Hall Paving will inspect and provide an estimate to repair or replace your damaged curbs and gutters. We’ll work with you to ensure your curbs and gutters are designed for proper drainage and the control of water flow around your parking lot.

Slope corrections

The right slope on pavement allows for the optimal drainage of storm water. We want to avoid having water collect on pavement. Improper construction, settlement of soils beneath the pavement, or settlement from heavy traffic can create areas where drainage is not happening properly. Hall Paving uses our decades of experience to inspect your parking lot surface and we’ll design final elevations that achieve optimal cross slope and provide the best drainage solution for your lot.

Call us at 502-376-6151 or contact Hall Paving online today to end your water worries. We’ll walk your property, taking note of its general appearance and any trouble spots we identify. We’ll make an assessment of the condition of your lot. We’ll let you know if it’s a matter of spot repairs, whether you’re a candidate for sealing to extend your lot’s life for a while, or if it’s time for a complete resurfacing. We discuss your options and arm you with facts to help you make the decision that makes the most sense for you at this time. We’ll provide you with a detailed estimate along with our recommendations as to what we feel are the highest priority items.

We’ll also set you up with our FREE Report Card. It’s an ongoing condition report, along with preventive maintenance recommendations. We’ll assess your lot at 3 and 5 year intervals and provide you with a preventative maintenance report to help extend its life.

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