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Managing snow means managing future problems

As Winter begins to settle into Louisville we’re all preparing our homes, vehicles and businesses for a change in the weather, and of course, with that comes snow and ice. There are many things to think about when we consider snow and ice, but don’t forget to think about your parking lot.

Managing snow and ice properly in the winter months can be a big advantage when things warm up again by eliminating problems and damage that could have been avoided. It can also eliminate hazards like accidents, vehicle damage, slips and falls, the ability of drivers to see lines, and other markings.

Snow and ice can be managed in a number of ways from snow removal to chemical treatments, and plowing snow into designated areas on site. Preparation for snow and ice may include patching and sealing cracks and problem areas in order to keep moisture out. Freezing and thawing water in cracks and gaps expands and contracts these areas making them larger and more problematic over time.

Watch for low areas where water may pool and freeze. Hall can inspect and fix these areas to ensure proper drainage and fewer problems through the winter months.

As the forecast changes in the coming weeks, make sure you’re prepared with a snow management plan and remember Hall Paving is available to provide a FREE inspection of your parking lot to help you prepare for the changing seasons and to move into the spring with your lot in the best condition possible. Just Contact Hall Paving to find out how we can help.

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