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Old man winter finally hit the road, but not before he hit your parking lot

Old man winter overstayed his welcome in 2018 with snowfalls all the way into late March (and reports of some snow to come in April). All this snow, ice, rain, freezing and thawing haven’t done your paved surfaces any favors. Winter hit us pretty hard and it’s time to hit back.

It’s time to call in the experts from Hall Paving for a FREE assessment of your parking lot. We’ll identify any problem areas that may have developed over the winter months and will create a plan for maintaining your paved surfaces into the future to help you avoid the cost of major repairs over a longer period of time.

While Hall Paving can assist with maintenance and repairs year-round, spring is an especially important time to provide solutions to active problem areas that commonly worsen over the winter months. Storm catch basins can become uneven after several freeze and thaw cycles. This makes them less effective causing your drainage system to be inefficient and creating problems with runoff. Hall will help even-out these surfaces before they develop into a much larger problem.

We can’t tell you how important it is to stop cracks early. No matter what season it is, if your pavement is cracking it can quickly lead to bigger problems like potholes or even expensive structural damage. Hall will identify and seal your cracks before they expand.

Potholes can be dangerous to drivers and pedestrians. They can cause damage and injuries to vehicles and people on your property. Hall Paving will help you reduce your risk of liability by fixing potholes before they grow with seamless restoration of your pavement.

Hopefully, old man winter has finally hit the road, now it’s time to see what he has left behind. Contact Hall Paving today and get your FREE parking lot assessment. We’ll make your winter worries melt away.

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