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Paving season is Finally here, and at Hall Paving, training ensures your job is done right.

It’s warming up, the grass is growing and the birds are singing. Of course this can all mean only one thing, PAVING SEASON IS BACK! At Hall Paving we kind of have one-track minds. We love doing great paving projects for our customers, and we’ve been waiting all winter to get back at it.

Rest assured though, we spent our down time in the cold months warming up. Hall Paving experts have been warming up for the season by training about the latest and most effective paving methods and technology at our own Asphalt U.

When it comes to successful, long-wearing pavement, the real key is hiring someone with knowledge and experience. At Hall Paving, we know more about paving be- cause our staff has learned the lessons that only experience teaches and we’ve been at it for much longer than most other people. The members of our management team average 15 years in the business. Nobody knows more and an important part of our job is to share our knowledge with you, our customer.

Training makes the difference for customers and outcomes. Hall Paving wants to share that difference with you. Contact us today for a FREE assessment of your parking lot and meet some of the faculty of Asphalt U. We’ll bring the classroom to you.

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