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Should I only sealcoat my parking lot in summer?

Summer is on its way and there are several things about this season that make it a beneficial time for sealcoating your parking lot.

The first benefit of summer sealcoating is that it’s hot! I know it’s pretty obvious to say that summer is hot, but pavement sealer cures best when it is warm and sunny throughout long periods of the day.

The second benefit is that we have extended work days. There are more hours of extended daylight in the summer that allow more work to be completed by our crews in a day. This means your project is completed faster and you have less parking lot downtime while the work is going on.

Higher overnight temperatures are beneficial too. During the summer, overnight temperatures stay well above 60 degrees so pavement sealer cures better in cases where the lot has to be opened to traffic the following morning or stripped overnight. It will need 24 hours of cure time.

All of these factors make summer the best time for sealcoating your parking lot. Summer is coming fast, so contact Hall Paving today to get your FREE parking lot inspection and maintenance plan and take advantage of the long hot days and nights.

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