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Smooth pavement means smooth sailing to a property sale

Selling your commercial property or large real estate investment can be a bumpy road, but enhancing your curb appeal by repairing your parking lot can turn a bumpy road into smooth sailing… or is that selling?

From a property manager’s perspective there are many simple repairs that will enhance the first impression of a potential buyer, but few of them are more impactful than a nice smooth, black asphalt well-marked parking lot.

There is no doubt that refreshing your parking lot will improve first impressions, and it can be a very cost effective investment in the sale of your property. A fresh new look may be just what you need.

Add a little TLC. Sealing your pavement and restriping is a cost-effective way to give your parking lot a fresh look. At the same time, make sure all of your parking lot signs are clean, in good shape and visible.

Sweep it clean. It’s amazing how great a parking lot can look after a good cleaning. Hire street cleaning services to remove any debris and give buyers a good look at the full property potential.

Take care of simple pavement repairs

Commercial property buyers want a turnkey property with little required investment after the sale. Choosing to make asphalt repairs to your parking lot can not only make your property turnkey, your investment in repairs can actually raise the value of your property. Simple repairs could include the following:

Crack filling and seal coating. If your asphalt lot is more than 2 years old, it likely needs a fresh sealcoat application and depending on past traffic, it may require some crack filling. These minor repairs can help boost the value of your property and improve your curb appeal.

Pothole repairs. The thought of repairing potholes may turn away some buyers, so hiring an asphalt paving contractor to fill your potholes is a good investment. If the process is completed by an experienced, professional paving team it should be quick and easy for you.

Simple repairs can make a big difference when selling a property, and Hall Paving is here to help. Contact Hall today for your Free Assessment and get the curb appeal you need to close the deal.

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