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Top 5 parking lot problems to look-out for

If you own or manage a property that includes a parking lot, it’s important for you to know what to look for when inspecting your property. Hall Paving is here to help with our top 5 list of parking lot problems that should serve as red flags, calling attention to maintenance needs we can help you to correct.


We all know what a pothole looks like, especially following the winter months. When water gets under your pavement it breaks apart, the freeze/thaw cycle along with the weight of vehicles creates an environment where asphalt deteriorates and begins to break apart. These factors cause potholes, or in the early stages, what appears to be a sunken area in the asphalt or deep cracks that won’t take long to become a real pothole problem.

Hall Paving can help with cold patching, cut-out and replacement, or re-paving depending on the nature of the problem you’re having and the depth and width of your pothole problem.


Cracking happens because water is getting into your pavement. It worsens over time because more water and changes in temperature tend to widen cracks once they have started. Left alone, these cracks will become potholes.

Crack sealing is the easiest and most effective way to protect your asphalt parking lot from long-term damage. Hot-rubberized crack sealing prevents water infiltration. If you keep water from getting under your pavement, you can extend the life of it by decades. If you notice long cracks developing in your parking lot do not wait, contact us right away. Todays’ crack will become tomorrows pothole. Crack sealing can be completed in any temperature above freezing, the only stipulation is that the cracks are clean and dry.

Failing Catch Basins

When a catch basin begins to fail you will most likely notice it in the spring, especially after a cold and long winter. The constant freeze/thaw cycle causes erosion along and under foundation walls and causes collapse. Salt and snow can add to the deterioration by eating away at the top of the basin. It is a smart idea to have them checked every season. The cost of repair varies per catch basin depending on if the frame and grate need to be removed and/or replaced, how extensive the catch basin structure is damaged and the size and type of the perimeter repair either asphalt or concrete. Hall can help to determine exactly what needs to be done along with a plan and pricing that you can count on.

Scratches and oxidation

You may notice after winter that your pavement has some plow scratches and may not be as black as it was last Fall. Plow damage will happen as a result of those snowy winter days and pavement oxidation is inevitable. Sealcoating extends the life and quality of your asphalt parking lot. When used as part of a preventative maintenance program, seal coating when first applied 1 year after asphalt installation and then every 2-3 years after that. Sealcoating can extend the life of an asphalt parking lot if completed in conjunction with a Preventative Maintenance Plan.

Striping and pavement marking

Good looking pavement markings can make a big difference in the appearance of your parking lot as well as lending to increased safety. However, these markings are often less than pristine following the winter season. Lines can be scratched by plows and paint can be stripped by snow melting salts and chemicals. Freshly painted lines, stop bars, arrows, speed bumps and fire lanes stand out. Parking lot lines are one of the first things customers and clients see upon arrival to your parking lot. They show that you are proud of your property and your business.

We hope this top 5 list was informative. It may help you with your own inspection of your parking lot but know that you can always count on Hall Paving to come to your lot and provide a full inspection along with maintenance recommendations and an estimate FREE OF CHARGE. Contact Hall Paving to schedule an inspection and to learn more.

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