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What do paving companies do in the winter – Lots!

You may wonder what Hall Paving does in the winter months when the weather is too cold for large parking lot asphalt paving projects. Well, we still do lots. And by “lots” we mean parking lots.

The winter months are the perfect time for inspecting, planning and budgeting your parking lot projects, and Hall Paving will help with this planning free of charge. The team at Hall has decades of experience in planning and paving parking lots that are built to last for many years to come.

When Hall helps you plan your project our primary goal is to educate you about your lot and serve you to the best of our knowledge and ability. You’ll see it in the attitude of every one of our proud employees. And we want to serve you in the future with the same attitude of doing what’s in your best interests.

Winter is the perfect time for your free inspection. We can help you determine the work to be done, budgeting and timing that will cause the least interruption possible for the maintenance of your lot.

Give us a call today at 502-376-6151 or connect through our online email form to tell us about your paving project, we'll be happy to provide an estimate. There’s no obligation and we’ll tell it to you straight.

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