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When does my parking lot need cracksealing, sealcoating or restriping?

Applying sealcoating to an asphalt surface is an important part of maintenance and

care. The rule of thumb is that twelve months after asphalt is applied, sealcoating can

be applied as a protective cover. This wait allows the asphalt to cure, and oils and

excess moisture to evaporate from the material. Once the sealer is applied, damage is


The sealcoat won’t last forever, so it is important to know when to reapply it. Resealing

should be done every two to three years, but again, this depends on a number of

factors. The quality of the material and workmanship play a role. If the quality was

low, resealing may be needed sooner.

Apart from protecting asphalt from the elements, sealcoating also makes asphalt

bright and shiny. It protects from fading and breaking down. If you pay attention to

maintaining the parking lot, you can prevent major damage. This way, your overall

maintenance and repair costs over time will be less.

It’s not always possible to reapply sealcoating material to old asphalt areas. If the

existing asphalt is badly damaged, sometimes the best fix is to repave first and then

apply sealcoating after 12 months to the newly paved surface. Applying sealcoating

to deteriorating asphalt is a waste of money. The material will continue to break

down and detach from the sub grade. You will then have to do repairs and apply

the protective material again.

A Hall Paving professional will be able to assess you parking lot and determine if

it is time for resealing. As an added value to resealing, we take care of crack and

joint sealing to keep water from penetrating the pavement and causing future problems.

You can also occasionally do your own checks looking for small cracks, loose

material or sunken areas.

It is important to make sure that the lot is always in the best shape possible. You

want your asphalt to be intact and sealed and you want the stripes and spaces in

the lot to be clear and bright. It offers a range of benefits for your parking lot, customers

and business.

Typically, it is going to be a good idea to restripe about every 18 to 24 months.

However, it will also depend on location and a host of other factors. Often winters

mean snow in Kentucky so you probably rely on snowplows to remove the snow

from your parking lot. While this is beneficial to ensure that your parking lot is

ready and usable for customers, it also means that there is the potential for those

plows to scrape away some of the lines in the lot. In those cases, it is going to be a

good idea to restripe annually.

If you have had asphalt repairs and sealcoating on your parking lot, then you are

certainly going to need to have restriping completed before you can open up the

lot to your customers. The sealcoating is going to cover up the lines, so once it has

dried, you will need to make sure you add stripes to the parking lot.

When you’re ready for sealing or restriping or if you’re not sure and could use a

free inspection contact Hall Paving at 502.367.6151 to find out how we can help you

with your FREE assessment and a cost-effective plan for the future.

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