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Winter is the perfect time to start a paving project???!

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

That’s right. The weather outside may be frightful but starting your paving project now is delightful.

Of course, the warmer months in spring and summer provide the heat needed to successfully lay-down large areas of hot asphalt in your parking lot, but there is much to be done before the heavy equipment shows up to start paving. That’s why winter is such a good time to get started on your project.

Here are some things you can do to get started:

Schedule a pavement assessment Your parking lot is one of the largest areas of your facility, but it is often overlooked. During the winter months, work with Hall Paving to assess the current state of your parking lot. The process begins with a visual inspection to document the overall condition such as surface distress, ride quality, and aesthetics. The data collected will help identify repair and replacement needs, prioritize repairs on a site, and create budgets for planning for now, and for the years ahead. This inspection is free and Hall will come back to your lot on a regular basis to re-inspect and provide a report card indicating your lot’s condition and any maintenance recommendations that will serve to extend the life of your parking lot.

Plan your paving budget Funds designated for the maintenance of your pavement can easily be re-directed to other areas. Use the winter months to take the guesswork out of budgeting to make every dollar count. Hall Paving can help you develop a pavement maintenance plan that extends years into the future. This will help to ensure that routine projects are timed to get the most out of your investment and to plan for adequate funds to be available for emergency repairs.

Create a long-term strategy Existing facilities are aging, and new ones are coming on-line, so budgets must account for the changes at both ends of the spectrum. Strategizing and planning addresses long-term needs and the expenses that go along with them. A pavement plan examines your maintenance objectives and future growth. On existing sites parking lot resurfacing and redesign will be considered. Parking lot construction for new locations should also have a place in the plan. Hall Paving will make sure dollars are used wisely in order to help you get ahead of the curve and minimize unbudgeted expenses down the road.

At Hall Paving our focus is on keeping you informed and helping you make the best choices for your unique project. Contact us today to get started now with your free inspection and estimate for the best outcome of your parking lot project.

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