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Winter potholes can wreck your parking lot and the cars that use it

Winter brings cold weather with freezing and thawing cycles that push and pull on cracks in your parking lot until they develop into full-blown potholes. These craters are not only eyesores that give your customers an underwhelming impression of your business, they can be dangerous as well.

We’ve all experienced it, you’re driving down the road or through a parking lot and WHAM, your tire goes right into a hole in the pavement causing bent rims, twisted alignments and suspension stress on your car. You don’t want this kind of liability in your lot. And it’s not just vehicles that get damaged. Uneven surfaces can be a real liability for pedestrians too. If walking across your parking lot is like traversing the surface of the moon, there could be real consequences for your employees and customers.

You may be thinking, “It’s cold this time of year and I won’t be able to do anything about it until it's warm enough for paving season”. Well, think again. At Hall paving we’ve got you and your potholes covered, even in the winter time. We have a specially formulated cold mix asphalt product called Green Patch that is designed to work in all kinds of weather. We’ll provide you with the Green Patch product you need to do it yourself, or Hall Paving will send our experts to ensure that the job is done right and that your parking lot is in the best shape possible. Even in the winter time.

Contact Hall Paving today and we’ll provide a free evaluation of your parking lot along with a maintenance plan that will give you the best options possible for repairs and estimated costs. Don’t let potholes wreck your winter.

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