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You’ve seen the Dominos Paving for Pizza campaign. Now check out the Hall Pizza for Paving deal.

Dominos has been promoting their new “Paving for Pizza” campaign saying bad roads shouldn’t happen to good pizza. Potholes, cracks and bumps in the road can cause irreversible damage to your pizza during delivery. Dominos has decided to help pave roads in towns across the country in an effort to save your good pizza from bad roads.

At Hall Paving we think you should enjoy pizza and smooth pavement when and where you want, without having to wait for Dominos to decide to pave your street. That’s why we’re offering the “Hall Pizza for Paving” deal.

If you need paving work done on your parking lot or streets, contact Hall Paving today at 502.367.6151. We’ll stop by to give you a free inspection and estimate along with our expert recommendation on the best solution to your pavement problems. And we’ll deliver a free Dominos gift card along with your estimate. To get your FREE estimate and pizza click here.

Let Hall do your Paving for Pizza and our experts will roll-out your asphalt smoother than pizza dough while you kick-back with a Dominos gift card making your next pizza free.

Free estimate. Free pizza. Smoother paving, guaranteed.

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